From Small Departments, to an All Hands Event – the participants that walk out of this team building juggling workshop will operate with the power and synchronicity that you imagined when you hired them.

Our goal is that your team never sees a problem as anything more than a brilliant opportunity to juggle the situation into the next big product, venture, or solution.

We hope you will enjoy the introduction video below.  Thank you for visiting.


“Henrik’s team building juggling workshop, “Learn by Dropping the Ball”, was exactly what our team needed”.

Stephanie Bartz-Bowman

Adobe Software

How does a team building juggling workshop relate to the business world? There are so many parallels between juggling and the business world: growth mindset, learning from mistakes, multi-tasking versus split focus and, “tah-dah” (this is the big one), rebooting your brain engaging your right creative brain hemisphere. Henrik will guide you, step by step, in a workshop that will bring your group much closer together while simultaneously teaching all the participants not only to juggle but even more important; to learn how to learn a brand new skill.  Read here what Harvard Business Review has to say about Growth Mindset

partner juggling as part of "Learn by Dropping the Ball" a team building juggling workshop

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