Workshop Details


We can work with any size group.  From small intimate groups of 5-10 people to 10 fold or larger groups.  What matters most is that the participants show up with a sense of adventure and willingness to learn.



The ideal time frame is 1.5 – 2 hours. With expert instruction this gives every participant a very good chance of reaching the stated goals of learning to juggle three balls. A snack and drink break in the middle works wonders for keeping the participants nourished.


We need an “adequate space” for the “Learn by Dropping the Ball” team building workshop to take place. It is great to have tall ceilings but if that isn’t possible a regular conference room will make do.  We might have to push tables up against the wall. If you don’t have a location we might be able to suggest a venue.


Every situation is different but we always try to meet every client at a reasonable and comfortable level. Contact us, let us talk about the different options so we can come up with a win-win situation.

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