Making People Laugh for the Last 25 Years

Meet Henrik Bothe

As a Danish-born comedic maestro tickling funny bones across the world, Henrik has left laughter in his wake everywhere he goes. From a show-stopping ballet parody that wowed the audience of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to twice showcasing his talents on the newly revised Gong Show – and not getting Gonged!

Henrik now uses the same passion he feels for entertainment to transform company culture for the better – fueling productivity and creating workplaces where people love coming to work!

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balloon juggling workshop
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Join the League of Extraordinary Teams

Because Genuinely Supported Teams Drive Powerful Change

We passionately believe laughter and meaning should fill offices. When teams unite through our juggling workshops, marvelous connections happen – spirits lift, communication improves, and capability strengthens. We love spreading this magic so that more people excel at jobs they cherish!

Designed to…

Strengthen Company Culture

Employees see each other in a new light while connecting through a fun, shared experience

Promote Growth Mindset

Employees build trust and thrive while moving out of their comfort zones

Improve Retention Rates

Team members feel seen, valued, and supported by leadership

Boost Collaboration

Team-centered masterclass on managing multiple tasks while supporting their peers

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